Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small Update on testing

Well i guess its time for an update, so i've been going on alot about opening a private test.
We are very close to it thanks to mark he's done some extraordinary work, at the moment we're hoping to start it on the 30th if not shortly after.

The purpose of the private test is to get as much feedback as possible on the server performance and bug feedback, because at this stage we'll be adding all the ucgo features into the server and also testing new additions to the server framework e.x. clustering.

I know the wait on this server has been long and tedious but we're close and i think all of you will be happy with how much care we've taken on this new server software i really think you will all enjoy it, especially when we're at the point of running events!

Shortly after the test i believe we will have some sort of NPC's in the game, in an ongoing test to build and improve the AIServer, so be on the look soon to see some new information on testing!

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