Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some rambling

Its been a while since i've posted on here, im not much of a talker unlike mark =P i figured i'd talk about the server for a bit and whats new..

well in terms of how far we've come as you know we reached zone not too long ago, after that mark did some great work on integrating the NPC server and Multi-Client, the CMS/CHAT server was still a bit bare in terms of functionality i've been working on that lately.

the CMS/CHAT server would disconnect before, i redid a few packets and added a few crucial packets and even implemented the Chat function wasnt too hard, there still needs to be some stuff done to get it right im making headway on that with some internal tools to help the server log quite a few things, my main goal is to make a system that will break down incoming packets and log their data so we can easily trace bugs etc, in terms of testing some private testing is coming along well not too long and we'll have something playable for everyone, we've been testing with players and NPC's and im pleased to say our servers can handle massive amounts of players and data.

So you shouldnt see our server crash before combat has commenced lol, theres still a few quirks here and there but nothing we cant fix easily, from now on its all about completing smaller internal systems and adding the crucial game systems back which at this point is easy streak all the hard work is done thank god..

Thank everyone American, British and Japanese for sticking through with us i know its been a long ride i know you have all been waiting patiently but your waiting is starting to pay off, soon you'll recieve and even better than normal UCGO experience with good bits of new things added.

Such as in game mail, i cant explain the specifics but we have quite a few things planned, though they are very interesting ideas sadly they must wait until we do things of a higher priority, combat, crafting, teams etc again i want to thank all of you for sticking with us because in the end THIS is the server you want to play on, new features, bug free etc because at the heart of this project ever since 2007 the only thing on the mind of Mark, Dragoonith and I are the players and believe me we're working hard on taking care of all of you!

Well in closing i hope you're all enjoying our updates we've been churning out we try really hard to bring satisfaction to the players and in the end im sure you will all be very satisfied!

Regards, Dante.

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  1. Just come to my mind( since I just change to iphone,) any chance of a chat apps for users who want to chat ( on the chat server) without getting on the game server when using iphone? A bit like the face book apps. Many people treated the UCGO server as a socilal network for gundam fans as well as a game .