Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We've come very far...

Well, im on my break from coding on our servers for a few minutes..i have literally spent day and night working on this thing and it's paid off i figure i'd talk a little about how the servers work now.

So, its no secret we've been working on this thing for nearely four months its been a LONG four months and i know you've all been lingering about our forums and website/blogs scavenging news
since the inception of these servers we've tried our utmost hardest to focus solely on stability and speed since we all know most private servers tend to lag holding a fraction of the games official population.

We have taken this into consideration and had also thought about our previous server that John had his hand in creating which he is now trying to promote miserably, so really when we were brainstorming about which way to go with the new server software we had a TON of ideas, some great and some that didnt work too well when implemented we're well away from having a completely finished product but i'd now like to tell you about how the servers work now.

So lets see, we have four MAIN servers Info Server, Login Server, Game Server and CMS (Communications) Server, so apart from that other server what did we do different with our new servers this time?

I'll tell you FLEXIBILITY, each server is very very flexible about what it can do and accomplish for instance every server intercommunicates with each other always sharing very vital information when needed for instance, when you log into the Login server upon recieving your character list did you know that everything about your character is loaded at that very moment?

Think about it like this, the other server that you guys may have tried connects you right to the game server after selecting a character..the game server then runs dozens and dozens of queries from local files to gather all your information as your loading in, yeah yeah nothing new every private server does that right?

The answer is WRONG, our login and game server does not behave this way instead when you receive your character list your player object is put into a Lobby and then all vital information required for loading into the game is then serialized and then encrypted and sent to the game server using serialized objects what does this mean?

Well, in short before you even select a character to load your information is already at the game servers fingertips so that when you hit that green START button you load into the game as fast as your computer will allow the game to load itself the servers have no bottlenecks/lag here.

So, thats right our login server since it isnt doing much work in terms of packets (all it does is supply your character info) it's also doubling as our information server it handles all database loading and saving that means that the other servers Game/CMS do no queries at all, they do exactly what they need to do and leave the login server to retrieve and save their player information and since we have only the login server doing database work, that leaves our other servers without the task of taking that extra bit of time to communicate and retrieve/save data to the database.

In short their only task is creating the data thats needed to be sent to every player leaving them very fast, secure and lag free and let me explain a bit on secure.

There can not and will not be any sort of cheating on this server whatsoever when logging into the game the servers put you through an authentication process ensuring no one can cheat by memory editing or packet injection no matter what you try..even client modding you will not succeed.

Another way to shed a little light on how much care is in this project, every packet we've come to work with and implement has been completely reverse engineered, we know what every byte of data does so with this server you wont need to worry about petty bugs with very simple things like with our competitor, since our competitor likes to speed through his server and implement very unstable methods of packet creation >=|...

So, thats right every packet structure is reversed documented then implemented along with the systems it needs to interact with everything else inside the server and with that i can say that after a few more smaller game systems implemented are implemented its public stress test time

Alright guys thats it for now stay tuned..

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  1. Why no one post comment to your good work.

    I am still looking forward to see a better server than the original.