Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well it's been a while since i've posted on my personal blog, sorry about that but i've just started a new job a month ago and my hours have been crazy i have a few updates about Titans-Server.

We now have Combat working, today mark was running around and blasting the NPC's and killing them on top of this we've fixed container issues which allow us MS Inventory and their Weapons container, not only that but since this has all fallen into place im going to begin working on crafting and Mining, as i speak we're adding in Skill progression, also we've figured out the criminal system in UCGO so that will fall into place aswell.

Also not to mention two day's ago i reversed data we had no pre-existing logs is now possible to Rank up/down, after Crafting and Mining i will begin to reverse data for Newman/Richmond to make Control for these cities possible, i cannot give a release date but from what i can see we're not very far off from opening up a test for the public..i turn 21 tomorrow =) so i problably wont be on for those of you who see me in Skype/Vent that is all..

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