Friday, August 6, 2010

Whats New

Well to start off with, we'll be releasing the server "as is" in a few weeks to the general public, which means it wont have every feature the original UCGO had but it'll slowly get to that point whilst users are testing,so from day to day expect server software updates, here's the kicker the general public wont test for a few weeks however in a week or so the Japanese may begin to test.

This is primarily for the japanese donaters that have stuck with us for a long time, since we're releasing so soon we're working around the clock to ensure stability and last minute features so the japanese should expect to have some form of contact with me or through allexino in the next few days.

So as happy as i am to finally get this thing out of the door and into the world im not satisfied Feature wise but i suppose we'll get there so on to whats new with the server?

You may now transport as you normally would in official, you may PvP or PvE, you may also make a trip to space if your heart desires so, additionally also equipping weapons work and im pleased to say we're on our way to making it fully functional.

Stay tuned in for more information in the coming week have a good day, and to the copy cat here's all we have to say to you at Titans-Server.

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